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"My school started using Account-Ability last fall and all of us were given our own user names and passwords to log in to the school computers. These were easy to learn, I had mine memorized the first day! Now I have my own folder to store my work which is awesome. Last year students were all using the same folder and other students were able to open up each other's work and mess it up, with Account-Ability that cannot happen again. I can log in from home through the Web Trekker and get to my work plus I can upload and download work to and from school. It is really easy and now I don't need a flash drive or floppy disk to take assignments back and forth. "
Tristan Dickinson - 5th Grader Purdy Elementary School
Gig Harbor, WA


Account-Ability™ and StaffLync ™ … comprehensive solutions for network based account creation for every user on your network. Automatically create, manage and update network accounts for staff and students with ease. This modular system provides the tools you need to:

  • Instantly create usernames and passwords and individual digital storage space for every user
  • Facilitate communication with a digital homework exchange system and email capabilities
  • Provide web access to the system from any location
  • Put the ability to manage technology into the hands of the people who need it
  • Eliminate numerous calls or tech work orders for simple problems like forgotten passwords and adding or deleting accounts.
  • Reduce your workload by freeing up the technician who is spending time everyday managing the users on your network
  • Decrease waste by limiting use of paper, toner, ink and copiers.
  • Shrink your paper and supply budget by thousands of dollars each year.
  • Uses existing data minimizing the workload of office staff and technicians and more importantly that is already familiar to both students and teachers.  Icons and color coding for ease of use requiring minimal training. 
  • Customizable to meet the needs of your school/district.

Module Information:

Account-Ability™ Core/ StaffLync™ Core- Identify your Users

Provide individual user names and passwords giving a positive identifier for every user on the network.  This creates an atmosphere of responsibility and fosters account ability. It also provides schools with the ability to easily investigate cases of misuse of the network by allowing for tracking of all network functions including log on, printing and internet usage.

Digital Locker™/NetLync™

Give each user an individual storage space to store their work. Create portfolios, work on assignments and house them in a safe and secure location.

HomeWork Interchange™/GroupLync™- Facilitate Communication

Open the doors of communication with digital homework and document exchange by promoting a paperless exchange saving valuable resources. Students and staff can communicate or collaborate within class or department groups making sending assignments or sharing documents a breeze. With class/department shortcuts easily available within the home folder/digital locker the system makes all of these actions simple and user friendly.

WebTrekker™ - Facilitate Access from Anywhere


Enhance your network accounts with access from any location. Now it is easier than ever before for students to complete and turn in assignments digitally.  Direct access to their digital locker and Homework Interchange shortcuts, click and point icons for uploading/downloading, cutting/pasting, deleting and file transfer make using the WebTrekker™ functional and easy to use. Students can receive and return school work if they are on home study, out of town, home sick or under suspension. Last but certainly not least WebTrekker™ promotes accountability and responsibility for every student.

Enhance your network accounts with access from any location. Staff can access their home folder from any location with web access and upload or download their work to and from school with ease. Staff can also access their department or title groups for sharing documents digitally.

WebWarden™ - Supervise your Users

Allow teachers to spend more time teaching and less time managing technology!
Provide a "student centric" system that can track users by name rather than barcodes or workstation numbers.  Locking capabilities for accounts, internet and printers for both proactive and reactive controls on the teacher's desk top.  Reset forgotten passwords to maximize student access to accounts and decrease the burden on tech support.  Captures a screen shot when the computer locks even in the event of a power interruption. 
*Enable students access to computers without giving them a license to run free on the internet!! 

Mail Enabled (Requires Microsoft Exchange® or Novell GroupWise®)

Electronic Mail Enable accounts so students and teachers can communicate through Email.  With Homework Interchange™ class groups will be in email as well.

Account-Ability™ Technical Information

StaffLync™ Technical Information

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