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"With every piece of software or hardware, schools are consistently challenged to find those that not only meet their needs but also come with an adequate level of support to implement them and keep them running down the road. Of all the companies I have dealt with, I cannot think of one that provides the top-notch level of support that Total Recall has. When it comes to tech support, we all wish for someone on the other end of the line that is knowledgeable, persistent, and friendly, and that is exactly what we have gotten from Total Recall."
Kyle Reynolds - Technology Director
Woodward, OK


Technical Information

StaffLync™ is an enterprise level solution for network account creation and management of all users on your network. It is comprehensive in scope to include automated username and password creation, a network folder structure to house all accounts, digital storage space for every user, communication tools and email capabilities plus web access from any location.

Core Account Creation:
The core accounts are created automatically upon installation, configuration and running of the StaffLync™ software.  They are dynamically created by pulling data from your student administration system (SIS) or Human Resources system and interfacing with Active Directory or Novell NDS. A complete folder structure is created within Active Directory or NDS giving each user a network account and individual storage location (NetLync™ folder). New accounts may be mapped to an existing folder structure and data conversion can ensure that no documents from current accounts are lost. Account maintenance is automatic and is kept up to date with routine checks of the SIS or HR system to identify new additions or inactivated users typically run on a nightly basis.

The WebTrekker™ (WT)
The WebTrekker™ (WT) provides a web interface access point for every student and staff to their home folder on the school network. Any user in the system with an email address can be granted access to the WT system. The WebTrekker™ uses SSL bank level security to ensure the safety and security of your network. In combination with the GroupLync™ system the WT allows for access not just to the home folder but each group folder the staff member is assigned to as well.
What makes WebTrekker™ unique from a technical standpoint??

  • No experience necessary! Our technicians will help you set up an SSL certificate and get you on your way to a safe secure web connection for your staff and students.
  • Ensures that only specified file types and sizes are allowed to be uploaded or downloaded.
    Eliminates the need for portable storage devices that may carry unwanted viruses onto your network.
  • Takes advantage of the network security you have in place by routing all uploads and downloads through the network.
  • As a network rather than web solution it reduces the drain on bandwidth and upload and download limits may be implemented to ensure equity for all users.

GroupLync™ is a unique system that is dynamic and data driven. GroupLync™ pulls department and title group data from the student administration system (SIS) or HR system and populates a folder structure in AD or NDS that provides for digital transfer of documents between staff members.

This exclusive element allows for using these dynamically created groups as a foundation for distributing rights on the network at varying levels while automatically maintaining the membership of these groups based on the what department or title group they are identified with. If these groups are email enabled it would for example allow the office staff to email all the certified staff or just the custodial staff using the groups created and managed by StaffLync™.
Shortcuts for each group are created for the staff and are made available within their respective home folders via a mapped drive or desktop shortcut. These shortcuts are viewable as a small icon accompanied by the group name.

Email Enabled
The StaffLync™ system can integrate with your existing email server to provide individual email accounts for all of the students on your network. This system takes advantage of the technology you already have and the functions and features of your email system. StaffLync™ allows you to use the same groups that were created in the GroupLync™ for use in the email system as well. This enables to teachers to send out class group emails, tasks or reminders easily.

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